Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Just what exactly is MyWebCareer?
A: We founded MyWebCareer in January of 2017. Based out of northern Virginia, our purpose is helping our clients manage any professional online branding they have. As part of this process, we give our clients a Career Score, rather like a FICO score, so they can see just how strong or weak their Professional Online Brand is at a given moment in time.

Q: A Professional Online Brand, what’s that?
A: Your Professional Online Brand is the total cumulative appearance that might help you establish yourself as an authoritative expert within your field of work. Your overall online presence and digital footprint is a mix of references to you personally and professionally from sources ranging from business and social network profiles and company websites to press releases, blog posts, and industry articles. A good Professional Online Brand might help you look good to ideal clients or employers, convincing them that you are valuable and they should do business with you or even hire you.

Q: Why is paying attention to my Professional Online Brand essential?
A: People use the Internet to look things up, and that includes looking up individuals. Your personal and professional backgrounds are going to be subject to scrutiny from current employers, potential employers, professional colleagues, business partners, and recruiters. At any given time, anyone of those types of individuals is looking you up, checking out your career accomplishments and verifying your background. CareerBuilder.com says that nearly 6 in 10 recruiters or hiring managers consider a person’s digital footprint in their decision-making process, and 1 in 5 of them involve social media networks in researching potential hires.

Q: How much will I have to pay for MyWebCareer?
A: Our core service is totally free and always will be. There is a premium service still undergoing development; pricing for it is undetermined at this time.

Q: Why do you require a Facebook or LinkedIn profile?
A: It’s commonly understood that Facebook is used for personal networking, and LinkedIn is more business-centric. Rather than requiring you to set up a new profile and remember the log-in details, we give you the option of registering with either site. We also make use of employment history data from either platform to initiate searches when setting up your Professional Online Brand. How complete these profiles are proving substantial in calculating your Career Score.

Q: So what is the Career Score?
A: Career Score is something that we’ve developed. It’s a patent-pending numbers-based approximation of how strong your Professional Online Brand is.

Q: How do you calculate the Career Score?
A: The algorithm we’ve developed is pretty robust, as it uses well over 130 distinct factors from your Professional Online Brand when computing your current individual Career Score.

Q: How often do you update the Career Score?
A: Updates happen once a month, and you get notifications regarding any changes. Also, you are permitted a pair of update tokens which you can apply towards manual updates whenever you want.

Q: Who sees my Career Score?
A: The default settings make your Career Score only accessible to you. However, if you want to share it with others, you can make your profile public and even share it with Facebook and LinkedIn connections.

Q: Can current or potential employers get access to my Career Score?
A: Again, the default settings make it only accessible to you unless you change it. Sharing it or making in publicly accessible is your choice, as never sell, share, or give access to your data to any third-party entities.

Q: Is there anything I can do to improve a low Career Score?
A: The Career Score is just a calculation of how strong your Professional Online Brand is, so a low score probably means you need more positive exposure online. Simple steps to increase this include deleting or editing negative sentiments from Facebook and establishing more LinkedIn connections. If you want actionable analytics to follow up with to correct negative factors, check out the Score Guidance page.

Q: I disagree with the Career Score I have; what can I do?
A: Email us with your thinking or explanation. We review things internally and give you our response within three to five days.

Q: What’s the Deep Web?
A: The Deep Web goes by many names, including Deepnet, the dark Web, the hidden Web, and the invisible Web. It’s a collection of World Wide Web data, information, and content that isn’t indexed by conventional search engines, such as Google, which only include the Surface Web.

Q: The data that shows up in the digital footprint reports, can I alter or erase any of that?
A: Search Optimization, Internal destroy, and Internet removal services are not what we provide. You can, however, have a positive influence and effect on the total data of your Professional Online Brand by following up on simple yet effective actions across both your social and business network accounts.

Q: Is MyWebCareer accessible from mobile devices like tablets or smartphones?
A: Charting and scoring features and metrics of this site use flash-based components, and such things do not work on Apple devices that don’t support Flash, such as iPhones and iPads. All the other features should work, though, and we’re trying to develop an alternative version of such features that works in HTML5, which many Apple devices support.

Q: Who are the MyWebCareer owners?
A: Our founders own and fund the program privately.

Q: I have a question this FAQ didn’t answer, what do I do?
A: If you still have an unanswered question, please find the support site and use its discussion forums.