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Job Seekers: How MyWebCareer Can Help You Land a Career

Most job seekers realize your online brand and reputation are an integral part of your search, whether you are an experienced professional or a recent graduate ready to tackle the world. So, it goes without saying that being prepared and proactive with your brand — particularly in the job hunt — can make or break your chances at getting hired.

The reasoning behind this is simple: because we are heavily involved in things like social networking and blogging, employers will probably use these tools as a way to paint a clearer picture of the candidate.

Let’s say you are a job seeker fresh out of college. Your social networking presence isn’t exactly stellar, especially since you’ve been prone to posting work-inappropriate Facebook photos and trashing your boss on Twitter, which doesn’t bode well for any job hunter. Although you may have the grades and the experience, most employers don’t want to hire someone that has this sort of image, as it may affect the company’s brand too.

Monitoring your online footprint is becoming increasingly important, particularly for those who want to give off a professional image to employers. Tracking your social networking presence is easy when you use tools like MyWebCareer, a free service that helps you discover, evaluate, and manage your online data, which may help your career prospects. With almost everything being traceable on the Internet these days, MyWebCareer makes it easy for users to see what their online reputation says about them.

So, if you use online networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, MyWebCareer can (1) evaluate the content of these sites, (2) give you a career score derived from the things you have on your platforms, like your work history and your network and (3) suggest moves you should take based on the elements on your sites.

Additionally, because you have a better idea of the image you are giving off to people (such as employers), you can proactively take care of your online image and brand. Meaning MyWebCareer can actually help you land a job — since influencers will inevitably get a better impression of you, as opposed to someone who takes their online reputation for granted. And all you have to do is analyze your networks. Can it get any easier?

Do you use MyWebCareer? Has it helped you land a job?

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