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How Google+ Can Help You Land a Job

There are numerous online resources out there that can help you find and land jobs — whether they’re proactive measures like MyWebCareer, or networking tools like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. And there’s another new social platform that may benefit your job hunt: Google+.

Google+, the newest platform from Google, has risen in popularity over the past month. What makes it different is that it takes all the popular tools from other social networks, like following users, posting statuses, sharing content, and video chatting, and rolls it all into one platform.

How does this translate into the job search? Can this new social network make it easier to land a job? Perhaps. Here are three reasons why:

Circles let you organize your network. One of the major features Google+ offers is Circles; a management capability that lets you put your network into groups based on who they are or what they do. For example, if you’re following several HR professionals for the purpose of networking your job search, you can easily place them in a separate group for monitoring their posts.

How can this help your job search (apart from letting you keep a tab on influencers)? Well, since you’ve customized who your network is, you can also customize how you direct your content. For example, if you wanted to share a link to your portfolio, Circles lets you filter your network by type, allowing you to promote your portfolio to a select few. That way, you probably have a better chance at getting noticed than if you were to just send a cold e-mail to an employer.

Show off your skills and expertise. When conducting a job search on networks like Google+, it’s in your best interest to promote your skills and show off what you’re good at as much as possible. Why? It’s possible that many people you are trying to connect with are complete strangers. That is, they aren’t aware of who you are, your experience, where you want to be in 10 years, etc.

How do you show off your personal brand on Google+? First, be sure to complete your profile in full, making sure to list your experience, work and school history, and even including a subhead that summarizes your brand (you’ll be easily searchable this way). Next, use the platform’s tools to their full potential. Apart from Circles, you could show off your interests and expertise through Sparks, a collection of information based on your interests. For instance, if you’re interested in the tech industry, Sparks recommends news based on the niche. You can then share this news with your audience, following it up with a question or asking for their opinions.

The important thing here is to let other people know not only what you’re good at, but that you’re also keeping informed in a particular industry, whether it be by sharing news, providing your expertise, or updating others on your job hunt.

Be present and speak up. As with other platforms, it’s a good idea to be as active as possible. This means updating your Google+ account regularly, finding new followers, sharing news and blog posts, and updating your profile when necessary. However, particularly for those who are conducting a job search, it’s important to actually speak up about your search. What this means is keeping those in your Circles informed of your progress, where and want you want to do, and directing them to additional online resources. That way, you can be sure your network is continuously informed, which can help you have a better shot at getting noticed – perhaps even keeping you on an influencer’s mind should an opportunity arise.

Have you used Google+ to help speed up your job search?

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