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5 Tactics You Need to Be Using in Today’s Digital Job Search

The job search has changed in the past few years. Nowadays, a lot of our time looking for employment takes place on the Web, from participating in Twitter chats to posting a Facebook status update indicating that we’re looking for a job.

Apart from the obvious tactics, here are a few strategies you need to be using in today’s digital job search to not only ensure that you’re finding the right fit, but also presenting yourself in the best light:

LinkedIn groups. LinkedIn on its own is a great resource for any job seeker. However, are you taking advantage of its other basic features, like groups? Sure, you may be part of your alumni association, or an industry group, but how much do you actually use them?

For the job seeker, LinkedIn groups can be a huge asset. Use this tactic to ask questions, show off your thought leadership, post that you’re looking for a job, or simply state why you’re an asset. Think of it as a form of online networking. The more you use it, the greater the chances you will have at getting noticed.

Quora. As we’ve said in the past, Quora can be a good way to improve your personal brand – and using the platform as a job search resource may go hand-in-hand with your reputation. Quora, which is a question and answer social networking site, can be a way for job seekers to not only show off their knowledge, but also to learn more about their given professions.

Say you’re interested in the legal industry. Job seekers can follow those in the industry, post questions, or even answer questions to create a conversation, which can hopefully lead to a connection.

MyWebCareer. MyWebCareer is a free service that helps you discover, evaluate, and manage your online data, assisting job seekers with their online brand. With almost everything being traceable on the Internet these days, MyWebCareer makes it easy for users to see what their online reputation says about them.

Say you posted something negative about a previous boss. MyWebCareer is able to detect the negative sentiment, as well as give you suggestions on how you should adjust your online data. That way, you’re not stuck with your tail between your legs if an employer questions you about your online brand.

Blogging. Blogging is a fantastic tactic to use if you want to show what kind of candidate you are, especially if you have a blog dedicated to your industry. Think of it as a sort of portfolio. You give an employer a sense of what kind of candidate you are, paired with the fact that you’re obviously knowledgeable about your niche. Make it a point to blog at least a few times a month so you stay up-to-date with recent news and trends.

Google+. Traditional forms of social networking may be bogged down with tons of job seekers. Stand out from the pack and use new platforms like Google+, Google’s answer to social networking. The platform, which launched this past summer, gives job seekers the freedom to not only connect with those in their industry, but also to categorize and track them easily through “Circles”, a feature that places your audience is specific groups or hubs. By categorizing connections into separate Circles, job seekers can direct content toward a specific audience.

What other tactics should job seekers be using in a digital job search?

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