About MyWebCareer

What is MyWebCareer?

MyWebCareer is the free service that helps you to discover, evaluate, and manage online data that may help your career prospects.

Almost everything you do on the Internet can be traced back to you and nearly everyone has left some online footprint(s). These online footprints can include references to you on corporate websites, blog posts, press releases, and social or business network profiles.

Collectively, career-specific data on these footprints make up your Professional Online Brand. Employers, colleagues, friends or just acquaintances are increasingly using ever more sophisticated Internet search engines to research your Professional Online Brand to gain additional insight about you.

At MyWebCareer we have created a free online service that enables you to uncover and evaluate your digital footprint.

Our objective is to provide consumers with insight into their Professional Online Brand and to offer tools to make this data accessible, manageable, and actionable.

We use sophisticated link analysis, visualization, and semantics technologies to enable you to quickly evaluate and explore data that may relate to you. Our patent-pending Career Score allows you to easily assess your Professional Online Brand and stay on top of any changes to it with our monthly monitoring service.

Check out our Blog
Check out our Blog for more information on how to develop and maintain a strong Professional Brand