About My Web Careers

My Web Career is a company that started in January of 2017. We are currently based out of our Northern Virginia headquarters and are providing a unique service for career minded individuals. However, you may be asking what our company is going to do and why you need to have our services when you may be able to hire a career marketing professional down the street or use a service that has contacted me with the promise of finding a new career that I cannot pass up? Keep reading to find out more about us and the service we provide.

What we have developed is a way for you to check out your method of checking your online presence on the Internet. While you may not think your online presence will make a difference in your career aspirations, you need to realize this can be a deal breaker at times. So you need to know how your online presence is going to make a difference in your chances of being hired or getting turned down for the job you applied for.

Now you may be asking yourself how we are going to do this and that is a very good question as the Internet, and social media sites may seem so innocent, and the post you make are funny and not involving anything major. However, you should realize that when you are looking at these profiles and post, you could have a future boss or coworker reading the same post. So this is a major consideration you should make when you start to apply for the jobs that you are interested in. By getting your score, it will be easy for you to see the type of impact that you will have with your social media accounts.

A score is something else that we are going to provide you with. Now this score is one that we have developed based off of your social media profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn. These are the two main profiles that we use to evaluate your marketability on the Internet. The score is calculated using some of the different aspects and methods that we have developed to help you in figuring out how well you are going to be seen on the Internet. You should realize that these are seen as the score like your credit score and the higher the number, the better.

Find your online presence on the Internet, and you could easily know if you are going to land the job that you want to get or not. The main thing that you need to realize is the way that we have developed our career scoring software for the Internet it will be easy for you to start to get the information you need on how marketable you are on the Internet. Then you will be able to see just what kind of impact all of your social media accounts have on your career aspirations that you have.